Welcome on NikiNikki
Chis name simply means “Niki’s Diary” in Japanese, why Japanese? because :

  • it sounds cool, it’s exotic
  • My generation grew up raised with Japanese video games, Japanese animated shows, and various Japanese gadgets, many fantasize this country and culture as a whole chunk of “geek culture”, this is not a blog about Japan, and even less a weeaboo* blog, but this is a blog that reflects on the generation i belong to, this blog naturally contains a large part of Japan.

As for “niki”: it’s the author: my nickname is “nickie” in occident but the muted orthographic subtilities tend to have issues crossing the language barrier, hence the simplification


Who is Nickie?

Nickie, 33 years old, French, IT technician and IT company owner since 2006, but also full-time geek, gamer/retrogamer, traveller, photograph, nippophile, longboarder, ukulele player and obsessive comparer of gadgets and good deals.
some may notice the “french”, indeed English is not my native language, but the idea of limiting my blog to french speakers only bothers me, as most of my friends aren’t even french speakers at all



*weeaboo=individual obsessed by an idealized , typically biased and stereotypical vision of Japan and everything that concerns it.
also see: Syndrome of Paris.