THE best stand ?

This might be The best stand money can buy today :

It’s quite simple, but let’s check out the details !

3 pieces of anodized aluminium, and 2 large hinges

it folds into itself .

…And barely needs more space than the thickness of the hinges
Simple, Effective, Strong !

The main asset of this stand resides in it’s strong hinges, which we may even perceive as oversized, but which make the stand so nice, you indeed have to actually mean it whenever you try to fold or unfold the stand, and i find this most reassuring


If the box art dares showing a 10″ tablet, it’s because it can !
Even some thin enough Tablet-PCs ( Asus Transformer, Acer Switch and other Windows10 tablets) will hold on this stand without the slightest fear, and i’ll even demonstrate :


And i’ll even demonstrate harder:

and it could hold even more!

BUT WATCH OUT because this stand exists in 3 declinations

the metallic color showcases the special aspect of this one :

This silicon insert allows for a soft support of your device, without risking scraping or scratching it ,
one other version exists with metal hooks , and another with small stickers but the silicon one is the most secure

The two fingers are spaced enough to allow for plugging your device and the base is wide and long enough to make the whole thing solid:


here is my 8′ tablet, a speaker loghed underneath, extremely stable even on a bed, great for hotels for example .

but the dimensions of the said stand, obviously, allow for:

A Nintendo Switch!

and becomes a very good upgrade to the integrated  back stand , allowing for charging while playing , the best Switch stand i know is this one !

The profile shows the perfect dimensions

the hinge’s rigidity and foot size allows for ludicrous but welcomed angles


There you have it, it’s a stand, it doesn’t require a 10-pages review, but it’s an awesome stand nonetheless!

Only one criticism:
the holes in the aluminium could be bigger, for some weight gain, there could be a large hole beneath the silicone insert etc, there is a bit too much unnecessary material as-is


if you wanna get one, the best deals are AliExpress, for around 15$


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