Back from hiatus !

hi folks!

this blog is so new, i would dare say it’s still in “beta”, nonetheless, it does get some visitors, wich is pretty cool , welcome to you people!

Sorry for being away for nearly half a year, the news will be coming BACK ! and here’s some insight about them :

by the end of last year, i had kind of planned to travel in 2016, as soon as possible, however this wasn’t too possible, and i’ve ended up having to do a bunch of other things, this added to a less-than-optimal health, the blog became unmaintained….

i still have certain things to do, mostly one actually,  but i am totally getting late …. however, i DO have plane tickets ,
i have them
they are mine!

where will i go? well the name of the blog should give a hint 😉
when will i go ? the last days of July !
what does it have to do with the blog ? well that gives us some time until then, and also once there, to review some travel gear i have right here, some for a while, some since recently, but they will really be tested “in situation”, in real conditions far from the comfort of my bedroom, that’s one reason why i was reluctant to write reviews before the trip, as some of the things i’ll talk about are made for kind of specific conditions ….


sample… ↑

all that being said, it’s time to me to start writing about something awesome , wich is not a gadget … or even an object !


stay tuned !


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