Mini SD-card box: The Return!

i’ve mentionned some articles back, this tiny alloy case for 4 SD cards

But it seemed to have disapeared from the chinese sellers …
why? here’s the reason why :

This is obviously the very same case, but now sold by Elecom (and with a green anodization, for those who like green) in Japan

This is not the first time a product is available without branding on Ebay, Aliexpress or Taobao before ending up sold by a bigger or new brand,

either because the said brand bought the production, or that the pre-production was a test run.

I do not know which one to choose, but the fact is that Elecom model is very clearly the same previously noname case, only with a different foam inside to allow for 2 µSD cards

so this where to find them now: Japan



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