Pringles Speaker

Dear readers, and most specifically Pringle-loving readers, i give you …..

Today’s mailbox thingie !

It’s been many years that the Pringles speaker offer appears, again and again, and all these years i’ve just been watching it happen with curiosity.
But not this time, as i finally gave up and sent 3€ through Paypal, at least that’s convenient: no need to send a letter full of stamps by mail like in good old times , a single minute on Pringles website and the order is made, then delivery took less than a dozen days !



for 3€ and 3 Pringles codes, the batteries are even included!


Surprisingly, no mention of any Aptx codec or…. or anything actually, but you are however reminded twice not to dump the product in a trash, in case of doubt.


Jack input, and micro-USB plug… which is obviously not used to recharge the alkaline batteries, but only to use the speaker without batteries

Then the only one button is pretty straightforward, simple on-off switch, the speaker goes in Bluetooth association mode directly upon being turned on, then just gotta find it:


“Wireless speaker” …. how generic, but it is the one.


So , how does it sounds?

First surprise: the sound of this 3€ speaker is not quite as good as the one of a 100€ Denon Envaya Mini, even when fitted on a “party size” Pringles can

Hard to believe, but the medium-highs dominate the spectrum and the volume remains modest, even though distorsion starts happening near the maximum volume .

However, is the sound 33 times inferior to the one of a 100€ speaker? The answer is no ! I would say the sound is only 15 times worse, which makes this speaker quite a bargain !


The sound is even quite listenable, the bass are weak, but mediums are pretty clear and highs not too ringy, honestly i’ve heard worse




Mankind needs this speaker , i give it a solid 3.78 out of 6.74 !





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